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Penn State \"awards environmentally friendly energy contracts to enhance its existing green initiatives\". Very cool - 20% renewables in 5 years!



Bioplastics! This marketing site includes information on the first bio-plastic CDs, made of polyacetic acid (PLA), bioplastic water bottles, and more!


Business Week article on the OrganicMyth.


What the Earth would look like without people... supposedly. The author contends we'd be forgetten relatively quickly, assuming we were all whisked away in a sudden alien capture. Why would the effect of other individual creatures' disappearance be considered disastrous, but ours as aclimactically mild? Is it perhaps a hidden arithmatic of next-best analyses? The consequences of our disappearance compared to the effects of our presence might seem mild in contrast to the elimination of the helpful paws of "non-meddling" creatures...


It might be hard to Nuke' these bacteria. They survive kilometers underground and essentially harvest the chemical products that result from radiactivity emitted by Uranium deposits. Instead of harvesting radiation from the sun, they get it from the Earth, and thus enable an entire ecosystem of bacteria to survive off their waste products, because they've evolved to use chthonic radiation. May the biosphere grow on!


http://www.ecomanor.com/ A website in progress as the million-dollar-plus EcoManor is built.


Two Cultures, C.P. Snow


Dreamtime Village - Wisconsin Zine Collective working toward sustainability












Bacteria as a treatment for Childhood Eczema


PLOS Biology



http://www.fractal.org/Training-Interactie-Management/Triple-Helix.pdf - Universities as innovation cultures for sustainability?


Common bacteria can produce electrically conductive nanowires I know it's not a book, but this quote from the lead reasearcher says volumes 'Earth appears to be hard-wired.'






http://www.usbwifi.orcon.net.nz/ DIY WIFI




SustainableSpam - an open question




http://www.binarywolf.com/249/ - DIY wifi for the center?










Doyle Proposal to become Affiliated With STS




Da Grasshopper Lies Heavy A Valis remix with Peacefeather


Egyptians seemed to use nanotechnology in cosmetics over 2000 years ago.

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